1. Travelers Motel, 2013.  Your best bet!


  2. Sunlight and Holiday, 2013.


  3. Vegas Motel, 2013.


  4. Motor Motel, Las Vegas (2013). 


  5. Monterey Motel, 2013.  I can’t resist a good pink.


  6. Sky Ranch Motel, 2013.


  7. Stories of Summer, Ch. 23  Desert Heat.


  8. Stories of Summer, Ch. 22  Sunshine and Flying Machines.


  9. Primed Smoked Meats (2013).  Oakland, Cal.


  10. Home Away From Home, 2013.  Anyone in the mood for a roadtrip?  Me too.  Happy Weekend…!


  11. San Francisco Photovision (2013).


  12. Metropolis, no.10 (2012/2013).


  13. Urbanique (2012/2013).  Urban Living, Munich.


  14. Dachau, Germany (2012/2013).  A few days into our travels, we decided to tour Dachau Concentration Camp.  Our days had been filled with such magic, we hesitated leaving the comfort of our vacation bubble by exposing ourselves to something so real.  At the same time,  we knew it was something we wanted to do. 

    The experience was profound and made our hearts ache, as expected, but I’m glad we went.  That day, I promised to do my best never to take life’s blessings for granted.  The trials I face seem so small in comparison.  My own ability to have patience, my own sense of endurance, and my own commitment to keeping faith have been fueled by this experience.  Their story has helped me to understand that when challenged, we can be more than we think we can be.  Humanity is cruel, beautiful, and humbling.

    Many groups of schoolchildren toured the grounds, and I wonder how the experience continues to impact their young lives.  I was compelled to take just a few photographs that morning, mostly of the earth and the sky.  The same earth, the same sky, relieved from suffering.  I wonder if those who suffered were able to see any beauty at all, and if the beauty eased their pain, or made them long that much more for peace.


  15. The Residenz, Munich (2012/2013).  Since it poured rain our first day in Munich, we spent much of the day exploring indoors.  As a former home to Bavarian royalty, The Residenz was heavily damaged in WWII and rebuilt in decades that followed.  As with much of Munich, The architecture and ornamentation are of course memorable but what really stuck with me were the paintings. 

    As the story goes, during the War, the Nazis raided the palace and stole hundreds upon hundreds of paintings.  The paintings were cut from their frames and stashed away, only to be discovered and returned to their rightful home years later.  As you can see in the bottom photograph, the paintings were cut rather crudely, so that a portion of the painting was left behind in the frame.  How strange to steal most of a painting, but not all… I’m sure this was a matter of practicality, but still, so strange.  I can’t help but to imagine what a wall of portraits with cropped foreheads might be like. Painting after painting, forever marked with the hands of history.